Eva is a Sydney based artist. She has an expressionist approach to subjects, aiming to depict an emotional experience more than a physical reality. The nature of her paintings is semi-abstract. Multiple juxtaposed planes interact with each other through layers of thick lines and colours, allowing a particular dialogue between the objects and figures of "storytelling paintings" that often incorporate symbolic elements.


Eva's work has been finalist in art awards such as the Mosman Art Prize (Sydney, NSW); the Kilgour Art Prize (Newcastle, NSW); the Nude and Naked Art Prize (Manning Regional Gallery, NSW); the Fisher's Ghost Art Award (Sydney, NSW); the Fleurieu Biennale (McLauren Vale, SA); the Glover Art Prize (Evandale, TAS); the Northern Beaches Art Prize (Sydney, NSW);  the KAAF Art Prize (Sydney, NSW) or the  Hornsby Art Prize (Sydney, NSW).